Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Trip to Botanical Garden - Chicago


Construction paper
Markers / Crayons / Pencils
Materials collected from your trip
Hole puncher / Stapler / Ribbon / Yarn
Laminating paper is optional


This is a great project to make with your child to help you remember the trip you took together and reinforce some of the things your child has learned during the trip. If your child is old enough and you're not worried about the camera being dropped and damaged, give your child the camera and allow them to take pictures of the things that are interesting to them through out the trip. Talk about what you are going to see first and what you will do next to aid the child to remember the order of events. For example the first picture we took was at the parking lot, with the number that identifies where our car is located. 

Also you can collect tickets, recites and pamphlets through out your trip. When you come home. Look through the pictures and select as many as you like and print them out. Order the pictures remembering what you did first, second, and so on. On a construction paper have your child glue the pictures and depending on their age/skill level have them write a few sentences (or you can write what they say) about what is happening in the picture, what did they do and learn. 

Use 2 extra construction pages to make the front and back cover of your book. Write the title and author (your child's name,) and the date of your trip. Let your child decorate it to their liking. 

Using your hole puncher, make 2 or 3 holes on the left edge of the construction paper (you can also just staple the pages together if you wish.) If you used a hole puncher, thread some ribbon or yarn through the holes and tie to keep the pages together. 

If you decided to use the laminating paper, which is always a nice touch and helps your project last for year and years, laminate each page before stapling or punching holes.

When you are done, enjoy reading your book to other family and friends!! A great addition to your library!

Have fun!

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