Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bottle cap Patterns


Construction paper
A variety of bottle caps.


This is a fairly easy project made with recyled bottle caps. (Please make sure to wash and dry bottle caps before collecting them.) Place the bottle caps on the table and explore making a variety of patterns. Make a sample pattern for your child to see and depending on your child's skill level ask them to make one just like your saying the pattern out loud or challenge them to make a different pattern. You can also make other patterns and play a game of guessing each other's pattern! This is a lot of fun!! 

If solving the pattern is difficult for your child help them out by saying the pattern out loud and helping them figure it out. Never put them on the spot or make them feel bad if they don't understand! Please make it a fun activity so your child will learn while having fun and building a positive self worth! 
For example you can say... "let see if you can guess my pattern... I have blue, blue, black, blue, blue, black, blue, blue....." if the child can't say black.. then extend your pattern to make it easier for them to recognize it and say it together!!

If you want to .. you can glue some of your favorite patterns on construction paper.. and then let your child quiz other family members to figure out what her pattern is!! 

As always have fun! And enjoy your precious time together!!

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