Thursday, November 12, 2009

Feed the fish rhyming words!


Card board (cereal boxes work well)
Laminating paper (optional)
Velcro (optional)
Pair of dice


Print the first image 2 times. (For a two player game.)
Next print the other two images. Glue the pages printed on card board
to make it more durable. You can laminate them now if you choose to
do so. Cut out all the rhyming cards. If you would like to use Velcro, place
one on the back of each rhyming card and one inside all the squares on
the game card with the fish picture.

To play the game give each player the fish card. This is the hungry fish!
He will anything as long as they rhyme! Place all the rhyming cards face up
in the middle (mixed up.) Player one rolls the dice and adds their number.
For example if she rolls a 5 and a 3 she has to add the numbers and say 8.
Then the second player rolls the dice and adds their number. The player
with the highest number can take a single rhyming card from the pile and
place it on their fish card. And will have to wait until it's their turn again to
find it's rhyming pair. The player who can finish feeding their fish first wins
the game!

To make this game easier you can play with one dice and pick out rhyming
cards when you roll an even number and loose a turn when you roll an odd

To make the game more challenging you can play with the rhyming cards
faced down (the game will take a lot longer.)

If you don't have dice you can play the game with the rhyming cards faced
down like a memory game.

The possibilities are endless either way the kids are learning rhyming words,
learning to take turns, and adding while they are having fun! Can't beat that!!


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