Monday, November 9, 2009

Practice Reading Color Words!

Card board
Laminating paper (optional)
Print out the bottom 3 pages above. Glue them on a cardboard. (I had a cardboard that I recycled from a shoe box so it's long. If your card board is wider you can glue the pages next to each other vs. underneath.) You can laminate them now if you wish. Next cut out all the colored circles.

Pass out 5 colored cards to each player (for 2 players.) To play the game roll the dice. If you roll an odd number 1,3,5 you loose a turn. If you roll an even number you can place one of your colored circles on a circle on the board. The player that gets rid of all of his/her cards first wins the game!
Have fun!
If you have any trouble downloading the images please feel free to contact me. I can always email over the documents! Thanks!

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