Thursday, November 5, 2009

Leaf Letter Matching - Lower Case Letter (b,f,n,g,n,d,q,t,r,p,h,k)


Printer or Construction paper
Laminating paper (optional)
card board (cereal boxes work well)


If you have a printer you can save the images above on your computer by right clicking on the images. Then print them out. Next glue the page on the back of a card board (I use the cereal boxes.) If you want to laminate them to make them last longer, this is the best time to do it (before cutting.) Last step is to cut along the black lines.

If you don't have a printer. You can draw 24 squares or any other shape you wish on construction paper and write the lower case letters (b,f,n,g,m,d,q,t,r,p,h,k) inside the shapes you drew. Next glue your construction paper on the card board. Laminate if you wish. Next cut out your shapes!
To play the game you can spread out the leaves facing your child. Have them say the letter and find its match. If this is to easy you can turn the cards face down and play the game as a memory game. You can also make it more challenging by asking the child to say a word that begins with that letter and a word that ends with that letter after they find the match.

If more then one child is playing. The player with the most number of matches wins the game. If you don't like having only one winner. You can put a container in the middle and everyone can put their matches in the container with each turn. Everyone can win through out the game regardless of who had the most matches.

Have fun!

If you have any questions or need help with downloading the image please feel free to contact me. I can also email the files over. Thanks!

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