Saturday, October 31, 2009

Graphing Halloween Candy!

m&m's candy or skittles work well
Container to put the candy in (I used a paper plate)
Computer and Printer
Microsoft Excel (you can draw the graph free hand if you don't have a access to a computer and printer)

On Excel make a graph big enough for the candies to fit in the boxes.
Write the numbers 1 to 14 on the side and the color words on the bottom.
If your child isn't reading yet. You can color in the boxes with the appropriate color and your child can match the colors to the candies.

Ask your child to graph the candies by putting the candies with the same colors in the boxes on top of that specific color word (or the color if you colored it in.)
When your child is finished ask questions to teach him/her how to read the graph. How does this graph help us? (It makes it easier to see which color has the most, how many of each color there are and etc.) Ask your child child which color has the most, the least, and how many of each color there are. Then you can challenge them by asking how many there are all together? (ask them to try to figure it out without counting all the pieces one by one.)

When you are done.. enjoy your treat!

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