Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Number Line.. number recognition!


Number Line (directions on how to make the number line are written in the previous blog labeled "Number Line.. learn to add and subtract!")
Small manipulatives: Pennies/buttons/paper clips (what ever you have available at home.)


To practice number recognition play a game called 'find the number.'
For example you will say find the number 5. If your child finds the number 5 make a funny noise like "ding ding ding! You got it!" Then let your child take 5 pennies (or 5 of what ever manipulative you are using and put that many next to the number 5.) If your child goes on a wrong number make a different sound (like a buzzer that goes off or something) and let your child try again until they hear (ding ding ding!!) Repeat until all the numbers have been recognized and matched with that amount of manipulatives!


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