Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Number Line...Missing Number


Number Line (directions on how to make the number line are written in the previous blog labeled "Number Line.. learn to add and subtract!")
Index Cards


Cover a number on the number line with an index card. Ask your child if they can figure out the missing number. The child can lift the index card to see if they are correct. If they have a hard time guessing the missing number count the numbers with them in order touching each number and stay silent and let your child say the missing number when you approach it.

To make it more challenging cover more then one number. You can cover them randomly or with patterns. In the first picture above I covered all the even numbers. After your child guesses the missing numbers you can ask if they can find a pattern with the covered numbers. Where they odd or even, in 2's, 3's etc. Can they count by 2's with the index numbers covering the multiples of 2's? Practice and have fun!!

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