Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Number Line.. learn to add and subtract!


Construction Paper
Laminating Paper (optional)


Measure and mark 3 inches from the top of the paper (holding it landscape style) and draw a horizontal line with your ruler. Repeat this process on all your construction paper (the number of construction paper used will vary depending on what number you want to go up to.)

Next measure 5inches starting from the edge of the paper. Put a dot on the 5 inch, 10 inch, 15 inch mark and so on. On each marked dot, write your number underneath. I used 5 inch increments because of the amount of space I have. If you have a big space it would be a lot more fun to make it bigger and put one number per page. So your child can actually jump from number to number. Vs. using one of their feet one-by-one (which is what my daughter is doing in the video because of the lack of space.)

Once you are done constructing your number line, if you have laminating paper you should laminate it for durability and making it last. I didn't have any but it's still in pretty good condition. Next tape your number line on the floor.

To begin the game, explain to your child that if you say plus they have to go towards the right because you are adding (like getting more of something which means what? that the numbers get bigger.) And to move to the left when you say minus because you are having less and so the numbers are getting smaller. If your child doesn't understand this concept yet you can practice adding and subtracting more with small manipulative's and let them experience what happens when you add and subtract.

Let your child pick a number to stand on. Then say plus 2 , minus 3, plus 5, plus 1, etc. And let your child tell you the answer after he/she jumps forward and backwards that many times!

Take turns and demonstrate, you stand on the number line and let your child give you the directions! Have fun!!

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