Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ordering Numbers

Construction paper (5)

Cut each paper into 4 equal sections. (1st cut the paper in half - then cut all of those papers in half) You will have 20 rectangular papers. I numbered mine from 23 to 43. You can number them according to your child's age and ability. If your child has never done something like this before, I suggest you start by numbering then 1 to 10.

After numbering the cards, ask your child to tell you what each number is (like a flashcard) if your child doesn't know his/her numbers yet this activity is not appropriate for them. If your child knows all the numbers, give him/her the cards and ask them to put the cards in order from smallest to biggest.

If this activity is difficult or somewhat confusing please jump in and help out. For example, if your child could name all the numbers but doesn't know which number is bigger you can use cheerios, buttons, large uncooked pasta (any manipulative you have handy) to help find out. For example count 3 buttons and put on the card with the number three and then count 5 buttons for the number five. Visually seeing it and being able to manipulate it can help them grasp the concept or more and less easier.

If this activity is easy, write down different numbers. The numbers don't have to be in order and they don't need to start from the number one! You can also give numbers in counts of 10's 5's 2's etc. to practice counting in that number sequence.

Remember please be patient with your children, if they don't know something or if they don't understand. If you get stressed out or get disappointed with them, they will not develop a love for the subject or the time they are spending with you! Just relax and have fun with it!

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