Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Twister anyone?!

Today we didn't have time to do any arts and crafts. We were too busy hanging out and making new friends at the playground! My 1st grader was able to meet 2 other girls that will be in her class this year! That will help calm her nerves to see a couple of friendly faces at her new school!

So we decided to squeeze in a game of Twister! I love this game because not only is it fun it is educational! When they are playing this game they are learning one of the hardest and most confusing things for kids, right and left! Of course they also learn their colors and following directions if they are younger. I also like this game because it is one of the few games we can play as a family that keeps us all up and moving around!

If you haven't played twister before or don't have the game at home. You can easily make this game using construction paper and some clear tape. All you need is 4 different colors of construction paper. Trace a big circle on the paper using a paper plate or something round and cut out about 8 circles of each color. Then you can let the children sort the colors that are the same and line them up on the floor (learning math!) Tape them to the floor. When you are done lining up all 4 colors next to each other you may begin to play.

You can have 2-4 players for this game. One player will pick a body part, ex. arm or leg and the other player will pick a color. Then both players have to place the chosen body part on the chosen colored circle! You keep playing until someone falls down :) Trust me it's easy to get all tangled up, especially if there are 4 players!

If you wish to teach your child shapes, numbers or letter and their sounds you can use this same game.

If you want to teach shapes, instead of using 4 different colors just use one color and cut out 4 different shapes. Then you can play the game saying for example, right hand on a square. (you can use more challenging shapes for older children like a sphere, cone, cube, etc.

If you want to teach numbers you can cut out all the circles on a white construction paper and then write down 4 numbers you are working on.

If you want to teach letter sounds.. write down the 4 letters you want to teach. Left foot on the letter that makes the sound s-s-s-s...

Have fun!

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