Friday, September 11, 2009

Scissors anyone?!

3,4 different colors of construction paper
3,4 containers (bowls, paper plates, etc. We used ice-cream bowls!)

Give your child a sheet of paper and ask them to start cutting! (free cutting)
If you want to teach them to cut on the line, you can draw straight lines on the construction paper first then ask them to cut on the line. When you have the long strips cut out, start cutting into smaller pieces. You can get another color and also cut so you are modeling the activity and staying involved.

When you are done cutting all the papers have your child mix up the pile. This part is lots of fun for them. If they want to take a few minutes to mix and play with let them. This is a good sensory experience at the same time.
Then start sorting the colors into separate containers. Show and say the colors as you sort. This is an early math skill!

To make this activity more challenging you can use more colors 5, 6 different colors to sort. To make it easier you can choose to use only 2 colors.

Store the pieces in a zip lock bag for later use!

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