Sunday, September 13, 2009


Different colored construction paper cut in small pieces
(if you did the activity 'scissors anyone' your pieces are ready for use!)

Ask your child to draw a shape on a piece of paper. Demonstrate by picking a shape and drawing it yourself on a sheet of paper. Then tell them that they can glue the small pieces of paper cut-outs on the outline, or they can glue it on the outline and the inside of the shape.

If your child is younger you can draw the shape for them and have them glue it on. Or you can draw the shape using the glue bottle and they would just stick the papers on top. If you also want them to practice their colors, say the name of each color you are using as you glue them on. You can ask them to pass you a color piece you need or ask them what color they would like you to hand them, etc.

If your children are older they can try to make the shape free-hand without drawing it out first.

Have fun!

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