Saturday, August 22, 2009


Moving on to the next animal on our list... it's time to make our birds!

Construction paper (any color of your choice) we used white
Scissors & Glue
Beads/feathers/cotton balls/googly eyes/any other materials you have at home that can be used creatively!

Demonstrate how to draw a bird using basic shapes. Remember you don't need to know how to draw a bird! Just use some basic shapes like a circle for the head, oval for the body, and you are good. When I drew the bird I showed them a couple of ways of drawing the bird. One way to explain it is to make it look like you are drawing a chubby banana or a moon :) with a slightly bigger side (for the head) After the outline have the children cut it out.. then draw the wings (you can draw them in the shapes of triangles or triangles with swirls at one end) and cut those out. Next draw and cut out the feet and beak. The beak can also be a triangle.

You can do all the drawings on different colored construction paper or you can use white paper and color it afterwards. After coloring your bird glue all the pieces together and decorate with any material you have handy.

I don't like to use any templates for the arts and crafts we do because it's important that children know that everyone's art isn't supposed to look the same or be perfect. Each project is unique and is perfect all in its own. Encourage your child to draw as best as they can and be proud of their creations!!

For all art activities you can adjust the project to the child's age by assisting them with the drawings, cutting, folding, etc. The main idea is to spend time with your child and have fun! And remember there's no right or wrong way of doing any kind of art. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder! Enjoy the process!!!

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