Friday, August 28, 2009

What smells good?

Today we read the book What Smells Good? By Maria Fleming
It's a leveled reader.

Here is the video of the story.

After we read the story we talked about the things that smell good and not so good!
We made a chart and listed things that smell good and bad.
If you are doing this activity at home your children can write the words on the list. (if age appropriate)

When doing this activity in the classroom you can have the children take turns to come up and write what they think or you can give each child a 2' by 2' square sheet of paper. Have half the class write one thing they think smells good and the other half write one thing that smells bad.
Then as a whole group they can take turns taping their cards on the chart.
You can extend the activity by counting how many items they came up with on each side. Which side had more/less items? Which things got repeated if any?

You can make another chart (possibly the next day) for example calling it 'my favorite smell'
use 3 or 4 options ex: flowers, cookies, rain, soap
Next have each child write their name on a 2'by 2' card and come up and put their name under their favorite smell.. Then discuss which was the classes favorite/how they came up with their answer/which was the least favorite/ and so on..

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