Thursday, August 20, 2009

Paper boat!

Today we decided to make paper boats and sang the song 'row row row your boat!'
And for a kid who doesn't like that song.. (my 8 year old.. ) he had no problem joining in when my daughter and I sang it!

cotton balls/glitter/confetti/ sequence
white or colored construction paper/ reg white paper
anything you have at home that the children can use for decoration

I used regular plain white paper because it is easier for the kids to fold the paper since its thinner then construction paper.. but colored paper works better if you have kids that don't like to color..

Pre-cut a paper into a square.. by holding one end of the rectangular paper and folding it to make the biggest triangle. The remainder will be a rectangular shape.. you can fold and rip this part out or simply cut it with scissors..
Open the triangle and give each child a square shaped paper and they are ready to begin..
1. Fold the square paper in half.. (now you have a rectangle)
2. Fold the rectangle paper in half..(now you have a smaller square)
3. Hold the paper in your hand making it look like a diamond shape with the 4 single edges facing up.
4. Count 3 of the single edges and fold down to make a triangle
5. Fold the 4th single edge down on the other side making a triangle
6. Place your hand in the middle of the triangle (where the opening is after the folds) and fold that into a triangle. (this is hard to explain but hopefully thevideo will help!)
7. Turn it upside down and pull apart from each side to reveal your boat!
8. Have the children color and decorate their boat as they please..
My kids decided to add a flag using a straw and some paper.. extend the activity taking direction from your children! maybe they want to put people on their boat.. or maybe they can see if their boat sinks or swims? Have fun!

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