Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Math games! (finding the greatest number)

A deck of cards
Plastic cups/bowls/any small container (1per player + 1 for the middle)
Cereal.. cheerios or cookie crisps work well

Setting up...
Give each child a bowl and place one bowl in the middle filled with cookie crisps. Pass out 1 card per player.

The objective of the game is to have the greatest number. This game helps children learn and practice comparing numbers and finding which one is the greatest.

Pass out 1 card to each player. Everyone flips their card and says their number out loud (teaches number recognition) then who ever has the greatest number takes a cookie from the middle bowl and puts it in his/her bowl.

You can either wait till all the cookies are done, count the cookies to see who won or they can eat the cookies that are in their bowl as the game moves along. (We usually eat the cookies in our bowl and everyone wins as they get a cookie from the middle!)
The game is over once all the cookies in the bowl are empty!

If you are playing the game with one child, he/she can be the one to announce who gets the cookie you or them so they practice figuring out which number is the greatest. If are playing with more then one child they can each take turns deciding who has the card with the greatest number!

Have fun!!

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