Thursday, August 27, 2009

Darling Doggies!

Any color construction paper
Googly eyes/sequence/beads/buttons
Pencil/crayons/markers/paint/color pencils
Any item you have around the house that the children can use to be creative!

Hold one end of the construction paper and fold it so you have the biggest triangle possible.
Cut out the remaining rectangular shape.
Using the already folded triangle.. place it on the table so the folded piece is on top.
Hold the right edge and fold it down making another triangle (this will be the ear)
Repeat the same fold using the left edge to make the other ear.
Next fold the bottom edge backwards.
Decorate your dog by drawing, coloring or gluing on materials to make the face and skin!

You can watch the video below for further instructions or to get a visual!

For all art activities you can adjust the project to the child's age by assisting them with the drawings, cutting, folding, etc. The main idea is to spend time with your child and have fun! And remember there's no right or wrong way of doing any kind of art. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder! Enjoy the process!!!

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