Friday, August 28, 2009

Math games! (over, under, around, through)

Obstacle Course!

This games teaches children the concept words over, under, around and through. It also teaches children to follow directions.


Move your furniture around and get creative.. If you don't have the space indoors you can make your own obstacle course at the playground. The yarn is to help the younger children who don't already know the concept words. They can follow the yarn as you give the directions using the concept words.

If you have more then one kid participating in the obstacle course activity, allow them to take turns giving directions and using the concept words while the other child listens and follows directions.

Arrange your furniture in a way that children can go over, under, around, and through objects. I put a sheet over the table to make something for them to go through.. (pretending it's like a tunnel) We used chairs to go under, over, and around and a chair cushion to mark the ending of the obstacle course.

Kids love obstacle courses so get creative, ask them to help you come up with suggestions and have fun!!

If you are using yarn or any kind of rope please be careful around the younger kids so they don't get tangled or hurt. Taping the yarn down is another way to help keep things safe. All children should be watched during the activity. Please don't leave children unattended especially the younger ones.

When you are done with this activity you can leave the sheet on the table and play a game in a cave underneath!

This video shows how our obstacle course looked. Hope you find it helpful!

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